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Mission: Inspire compassionate service to meet the physical and spiritual needs of our community through cooperative, healthy partnerships.

Vision: Build a stronger community in Forney through charitable acts of kindness.

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08–29-2019: Distribution of books to The Lutheran Literacy Project in rural southwest Texas

Forney ISD had several thousand books available for distribution to children at the Resource Fair, of which most remained at the end of the event. Hunger Relief Ministries, an FCM partner, flew these books to The Lutheran Literacy Project in Alpine, Texas, where they will be distributed to underprivileged children and families in the rural deserts of southwest Texas (below). A second shipment was flown to Albany, Texas for a school library start-up project.

This is a good example of how the partnerships created by FCM better facilitate helping those in need.

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08–03-2019: Cooperation with Forney ISD and other churches and organizations for the Resource Fair

The Resource Fair with Forney ISD was a great success, serving well over 1,000 students in Forney. Several other churches and organizations took advantage of the day to give away additional backpacks, uniforms, food and other items and services. Thank you to all who made this a wonderful day for so many!

04-30-2019: Working with the Forney United Methodist Church on their fence project in Forney.

A great time was had by all participating in taking down an old fence and putting up a new one in Forney over the weekend. The pictures below are just a few of the participants in this worthwhile endeavor.

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04-23-2019: We have been searching for a site, and have finally found it! We will be building facilities for transitional housing, meeting spaces, uniform storage and exchange, youth activities, adult education, and much more. Please join us for this greatly needed undertaking!

We will post our new location here soon. For the many who support our plans with your prayers and willingness to volunteer, we ask for your continued patience. While we were disappointed with last year's progress, we now have a much better solution that will serve our community in many more ways than we'd originally hoped.

12–04-2018: Forney's Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council voted to deny our request to move buildings to our location at 202 College Street

This lack of support from our city leaders was very disappointing. Nevertheless, most of them indicated their desire to support our plans and goals, if they could be simplified and re-submitted. So, we are now looking for better locations and facilities.

09-27-2018: First United Methodist Church of Forney has become a Partner, with a seat on the Board of Directors

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The Board unanimously approved the addition of First United Methodist Church as a Partner in Forney Community Ministries. We welcome this organization, which is one of the strongest in helping those in need in our community.

07-28-2018: The Back-to-School uniform Kick-off giveaway week was a success!

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A major thank you to David Ivie, Pastor of First Presbyterian Church for organizing and managing this great event.

We sorted through and prepared 3,290 pieces of uniform clothing donated since May 2018. We had 51 volunteers for 113.75 hours organizing and washing 35 loads of laundry.

44 volunteers worked 69 shifts for 139 hours in the week-long kick-off drive! WAY TO GO VOLUNTEERS!!

100 Families with 246 Students received 2,131 Uniform Items and 256 Non-Uniform Items over the week.

07-18-2018: Dana Curry added to the Board, representing FISD

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The FCM Board today elected Dana Curry to the Board of Directors (from left):

  • David Ivie - Pastor of First Presbyterian Church
  • Marian Stewart - CEO of Sharing the Love Foundation
  • Warren Ketteman (back) - First Presbyterian Church
  • Amanda Lewis - CFO of Sharing the Love Foundation
  • Michael Lewis (back) - Managing Director of Hunger Relief Ministries
  • Dana Curry - Community Relations Coordinator for Forney ISD

06-07-2018: FCM holds gently used uniform drive (Forney Messenger, Page 8-B)

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06-06-2018: Meeting of pastors, community leaders and the Forney ISD

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FCM was asked to introduce itself to a gathering of Forney pastors, community leaders and Forney ISD principals on June 6, 2018. The concept of working together to meet the needs of our community was enthusiastically received.

ALL funds donated to Forney Community Ministries go directly to their designated purpose.

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