Forney ISD School Backpacks and Uniforms

Our Forney ISD students need school supplies and uniforms! With Forney ISD's leadership, FCM is bringing the backpacks and uniforms effort together into one big, cooperative effort.

  • 300 backpacks were purchased and given away at the Forney ISD Resource Fair. But 1,000 more are needed!! Please consider a donation through the Donate button on this site to help us recoup this cost, and give a student a backpack full of supplies, with items for the appropriate grades in school. A pack of supplies costs about $40 per student.
  • Donated (recycled) uniforms help a lot…so please donate your gently used, washed and good condition uniforms at the Presbyterian Church of Forney. Because of COVID-19, the supply of recycled uniforms is limited compared to prior years.
  • A week's worth of new school uniform tops and bottoms can be purchased for $80. Please consider a donation of your funds through the Donate button on this site to make this happen!
  • Both a backpack of school supplies and a week's worth of uniforms can be purchased for $120 per student. Please consider adopting a student with your financial support through the Donate button on this site.
With your donation, FCM's partner organizations will put together, coordinate and deliver these customized backpacks and uniforms to the students. These are not just eleemosynary activities, as FCM's partner organizations donate right along with you! THANK YOU, and have a great summer!

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Coronavirus Relief Fund

Please consider donating to the Cornovirus Relief Fund by clicking the Donate button and selecting that from the list. This fund will help the FISD children with food and school supplies. Again, ALL funds donated go to the people who need the help! Click the image below to go to the Forney ISD site for further information.

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+Is my donation tax-deductible? YES! Along with our 501(c)(3)partners, donations are tax exempt.

+How much of my donation does a recipient receive? ALL of the funds go to those in need.

+How do I know recipients will spend cash appropriately? The research is clear: households living in poverty are some of the most effective spenders around. Despite the stereotypes, most recipients of cash do not systematically waste or misuse it. Common concerns that people will spend money on vices have been consistently disproven (Evans and Popova, 2016).

In an emergency context, needs can vary greatly. Cash empowers recipients to spend on what they need most. A good question to ask: if your household was hit by an emergency or disaster and someone gave you $1,000, how would you spend the money? Having said that –– we don’t know that every recipient will spend the way the donor thinks best. By giving cash, donors entrust recipients to best define their own needs.

+Can I sign up to be a recipient? YES! Just go to our "Contact" page and submit your request. We'll get back to you.

Utilities & Rent Assistance

FCM frequently receives a growing number of requests for utilities and rent assistance. Many of these come through Forney ISD, as the teachers and counselors learn about troubles at home. Frequently, the assistance needed is more than $500, and other needs are present also. Needless to say, this requires money to overcome the problem. But we can only give from what we have available via donations from people like you.

If you would like to help FCM meet these needs, please use the "Donate" button below, and direct it to "Utilities & Rent Assistance". We thank you for your contributions. FCM does its best to verify the authenticity of the need, and makes a personal visit with the recipients of assistance.

ALL of the funds donated go to the cause specified, and are tax deductible. Funding for FCM overhead is managed through donations from its Board of Directors.

All funds received by Forney Community Ministries go directly to their designated purpose. Since FCM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all donations are fully tax deductible.

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Please contact us via email or voicemail at 469-389-2520
Address: PO Box 61, Forney, TX 75126
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