Construction and Repair Activities

Get involved in a Service Project!

What is SERVE? SERVE is an exciting and impactful eight days of service to our communities. This year, SERVE will take place from Saturday, June 12, through Saturday, June 19, so mark your calendar! The vision of SERVE is for us, the local church, to go into our communities and love our neighbors. Hundreds of people will take on practical projects, and through these acts of service, we hope people’s hearts will be opened to the love of Jesus. How to Participate:
1. Find your group, whether it be a community group, a group of friends, your family, or an existing c|Life SERVE group.
2. Combine the talents and resources of your group members to dream up and plan out an epic SERVE project.
3. SERVE with all your heart for the glory of the Lord!

Our next home rejuvenation project needs your help!

Our next home rejuvenation project is in Crandall. This the long-time homestead of a wonderful and generous lady who actually grew up on the property, with lots of history surrounding this structure. If you can help with services, funding or materials, please let us know!


A. LEVELING: Install 10 new pad blocks, rework exist blocks, install new blocks and shims around the perimeter of the existing beams. Raise approximately 8+ inches. Material and labor: $4,200.00

B. HVAC: Remove and install new outside and inside unit, repair some ductwork. Material and labor: $3,176.91

C. ELECTRICAL: Test outlets, inspect the electrical box, reset light fixture at 2 back bathrooms. Change out 3 outlets at bathroom at kitchen end of trailer. Material and labor: $850.00

D. Carpentry: Remove and replace one sheet of floor decking at front entry door, remove and replace front patio deck 24'x12', rework 4 interior doors and trim, install new threshold and weatherstrip at front door. Material and labor: $4,050.00

E. PLUMBING: inspect master tub. Toilet, vanity- also other 2 baths inspect for leaks. Labor: $400.00 mtl not figured

F. Total for the above: $ 12,676.91