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Below is a list of resources for Kaufman County. Due to the continually changing nature of resources, we will do our best to keep these up-to-date with accurate information. If you find a resource that is listed inaccurately, please email us!

I received this email from Our Calling, a very effective homeless ministry in downtown Dallas. It provides a lot of information that I felt would be helpful to all of us:

It's important that we remember the context of why we do what we do.
People experiencing homelessness are real people. They have dreams, they have goals.
At OurCalling we ask a ton of questions to people, the two most important being "Will you trust the Lord?" and "Will you let us help you get off the streets?"

We also ask a ton of other questions. It's a process we use to get to know people, to build relationships, to befriend. We listen, we take time, and we invest in people.

One of our questions is "What are your life goals?"
For a little context of who we serve, I wanted to share some of the responses to these questions.

What are your life goals?
Raise my son to not live the life I lived
Get away from those chasing me, get a job and have housing
Work and move out of this situation
I'm on a housing list and hoping to get her apartment soon.
To know God and find companionship.
I hope to get my own apartment.
I want to go to culinary school and get my kids back.
To get back home and finish college
I don't know
Restoration with my kids
Get an apartment and get off of the streets
To get my own place
To graduate from high school and go to college
To have my own home
wants to work and get back on her feet
Wants to get her own house
Sleep inside an apartment
Get a job, get a house, get some property that I can’t get kicked off of.
Get clean(sober) and get off streets
Wants to get her own apartment
Getting kids back, getting a job and apartment, and getting a car
To stop drinking and have a relationship with her sons and get her life together.
Get better, find family and be with her kids
Get check turned back on and get my own apartment
pharmacy tech, get certified with the state, I have a degree in psychology
To get off the streets and be with her kids and husband when her mind is right.
Maintain sobriety. Get a job.
Get a good job
Wants to have a house and have her daughter and granddaughter move in with her. Going back to college and get interior design or arts and crafts in Spanish.
Wants to get life straight, so she can see her daughter again. She doesn’t really reach out, because of shame.
To help her kids.
Wanna learn life skills and have someone who can advocate for her
Get out of the woods - be in four sturdy walls.
Get off streets and see my kids
Get right for my kids
Get off streets
Get stable income and live in an apartment community so she will not be alone. She likes the idea of having people next door
To dancing, cooking, walking, having fun
to have a home and have her kids. For her home to be filled with loves. Proverbs 32
Wants a job
Get off streets, be with kids
a place to live, get off the streets
Develop a relationship with her mom.
Get off the streets and stay off of them. And help people especially.
Get his teeth fixed and teach guitar
Professional boxer, maybe going back to school for social services
To be happy, healthy, and indoors.
Wants work and get stable
go and work in a government business office in a rich neighborhood.
Right now none
Eat sweet foods
To work and become a security guard. Get a GED then apply for college. Interested in getting a tutor for reading comprehension and math.
work and move forward.
Like to get a RV and travel.
Get off street
Permanent housing. Has from a hernia and wants healing for that. Wants more education.
Revenge on the person that hurt my family.
Get a home and build relationships with her 3 kids
Cosmetology school
To go back to cooking. Was cook at steak house.
Therapist to CPS kids, owe my own home and car
Find a place to live
Stay busy
become successful and a place to stay and be with children
Wants a program that can help her get off drugs for good.
Get check turned back on and get my own place
Wants to be a singer
Get off the streets
beat depression
Get to Houston and to start working, a shelter to help in Houston.
Stability and be able to be with her children and job
Get my own apartment
Get clean and get a new life.
Didn’t know what that meant even after explaining - she doesn't understand what a "goal" is
go back to school! Lose 50 pounds! Become healthier
Get id, finish school, get a job, learn life skills
Own place to live, have a car and a job
"To get a job; in retail; “drinks”
Some type of stable living situation with medical help and transportation.
Job, marriage, housing
To have a place of her own
Working on second book, get credit fixed, go to bible college, own house and car
Get my life together. Get a job, stable housing, a car.
Wanna get control of her life and tie up loose ends and get back independent. Find Christian Fellowship to be apart of .
sobriety and her kids back
Off streets even though i told her i can work on that, she said well let me think about it
Wants to be a better person.. in a better place.
Being a stay at home dad and provide
To be happy and stable
To get housing be happy and successful
Follow Jesus
To get stable and support her kids
Get out of abusive situation
Get check going to get own place
Has no goals
Want her business to become successful. Runs a At Work Business
get back on feet, be normal again
take care of myself and help others as much as i can
Getting her I,D and getting a job
Work sitting at desk
get a job and better living situation
These are real people. And together we can lead them to Jesus, help them get off the streets - and build a community where stability and discipleship can turn goals into reality.

I love you guys.

Ps. We are using a bunch of questions to create “exit plans.” Is it working? Well, we have helped 1,137 people off of the streets since Jan 1.

Wayne Walker
Executive Director, Pastor
wayne@ourcalling.org | m: 214-444-8794
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